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Solar Inverter 300w

Solar Inverter 300w
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  • 28,500RWF

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  1.  Apply in Car, marine, solar electric power /wind electric power , motive office, emergency work, outwork.
  2. Efficiency up to 90.5% super surge capacity to start diffucult load.
  3. Strong adaptable and stable load.
  4. Over-current and short circuit by fuse protection
  5. Cabinet fuse and restart safely.
  6. Low voltage protection.
  7. Over-load protection.
  8. Smart size ,light and compatible , no environment protect, no maintenance.

Protection Specification: 

  1.  Overload protection 

  2. Overheat protection

  3. Over voltage protection

  4. Low voltage protection

  5. Short-circuit protection

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