ABOX A4 Laminator Machine

 Ihaha’s updates on how we are working during this crisis

During this pandemic, we want you to know that Ihaha continues to take care of its customers. We are working to prevent price gauging to help protect the rights of our customers. We don’t take advantage of our customers during hard moments. We encourage you to continue buying your desirable products. Also, take a look on descriptions of a product we brought you.

ABOX A4 Laminator Machine

Imagine your loved ones ending up being just a memory! This causes so much devastation. The last time I heard a sad story, it was my friend’s—Noah. Noah had a perfect beautiful family growing up. However, his parents passed on when he was ten-years-old. As he came of age, he held on to one thing – a photograph. It was the one and only reminder of his loving parents left. Unpredictable is the nature of things, in that all hell broke loose when Noah accidentally spilled water on the photo. Hence, the only memory of his parents became a memory within a memory.

Stories like Noah’s are so popular in our daily lives. A lot of people don’t know how to best preserve their important documents. You shouldn’t keep important documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, passports, tax returns, marriage certificate/divorce certificate, and, not to forget, irreplaceable photos or prints in any place. Ihaha thinks about you every day. Specifically what our customers may need to preserve their documents well so as to prevent unnecessary damage. That’s why we brought ABOX A4 Laminator Machine for you.

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