Godox Thinklite Camera Flash TT520II with Build-in 433MHz Wireless Signal for Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus DSLR Cameras Flash

Godox Flash Light

Fred R. Barnard was not wrong when he said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures do indeed speak, but when it gets to Godox Thinklite Camera Flash TT529II, one image does illustrate several things, which you are going to see below. Ihaha is happy to announce the availability of this camera on both online and physical shops: KCT and 2000. 

Godox Thinklite Camera Flash TT529II has the following remarkable features. Get ready to explore your product: 

  • Duration of flash, that is 1/300-1/20000s, delivering crisp, clear and vivid images that help you to capture a sharp photo. While the object is moving, you will be able to capture a vivid image because of this flash.
  • Three flash modes named S1, S2, and M for improved versatility and usability. You can change to your favorable and desirable mode with these three flash modes. 
  • Eight variable flash output from 1/128 to full, meeting your flashlight demand. Imagine yourself taking an image in a really dark place. This variability of flash output helps you take a picture that has the lighting of your choice. 
  • Integrated reflection board, giving a highlighted point on the eyes. Reflectors, though sound as a minor detail, helps you to manipulate the light with another surface in order to bounce off. 
  • Built-in wide-angle diffuser, creating soft, smooth and natural illumination. This as well sound like trivial but helps in softening or spreading the harshness and concentrated light that displays the flash. It also helps to remove heavy shadows that may ruin your picture. 

Step up the game with this powerful camera by contacting us on +250780211453 or +250785130823  either via phone call, text, or WhatsApp. Email: Yves@ihaha.rw 
@author : Agahozo Gaelle

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