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Solar Inverter 200W

Solar Inverter 200W
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  • 19,500RWF

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Solar Inverter 200W


  1. Apply in car ,marine , solar electric power/wind electric power, motive office, emergency work, outwork.
  2. Efficiency up to 90.5, super surge capacity to start difficult load.
  3. Strong adaptable and stable load.
  4. Over-current and short circuit by fuse protection.
  5. Cabinet fuse and restart safely.
  6. Low voltage protection.
  7. Over-load protection.
  8. Smart size, light and compatible, no environmental protect, no maintenance.

Protection Specification

  1. Overload protection.
  2. Overheat protection.
  3. Over voltage protection.
  4. Lower voltage protection.
  5. Short-circuit protection.

Input voltage :DC 12V to DC 24V

Output voltage: AC110-120V and AC220-240V

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