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Ihaha’s Technologies assistance to customers during COVID-19 Outbreak.

Following the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Rwanda particularly, Ihaha Technologies has taken measures to ensure our customers receive full support during this tough time of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Ihaha Technologies have taken the following actions to assist our customers to cope with this situation. 

Serving Our Customers.

With increase in the spread of COVID-19 within the country, bridging the gap between producers and consumers of a given product has become tough. That is, despite high consumers’ demand for goods, it has become almost impossible to maintain the right chain of distribution due to the contagancy of COVID-19. In line with the government’s action of breaking the chain and avoiding gatherings, we would like to officially inform our customers that the online department has decided to deliver products in the most reliable, efficient and effective way. That is to say, distribution/delivery of goods to the customer’s premises will be free of transportation charges.

At Ihaha Technologies, ensuring that our customers remain in good health during this critical time of COVID-19, is our top priority. Day by day, we care about how our customers are doing and the effects the outbreak of COVID-19 can have on their lives. As the government is trying to curb large gatherings such as schools, churches, and workplaces, we acknowledge that taking public transportation may also expose our customers to higher risks of contracting the virus. Keeping that in mind, this is one of the reasons Ihaha Technologies has decided to relieve customers of fear of contracting COVID-19 by making the customers’ delivery services after online purchases, free of charge. By so doing, Ihaha cuts the spread of the virus while continuing to provide incredible services to our customers. 

In addition, Ihaha is also striving to ensure that prices of goods remain fair, and the specified times of delivery of goods to our customers and or potential consumers, are met. While we are taking measures to make it easy for our clients to make online purchases, we are also glad to remind you that customers and potential consumers who come to the physical shop are taken care of, as well. We are implementing government policies by making sure that both KCT and T 2000 shops practice regular cleaning of the highest level.

At Ihaha, we understand that our customers’ safety plays a vital role in our business’s growth. For that, we take maximum precautions to ensure their protection and that their lives are not jeopardized during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our customer’s health, our top priority.                                                      

Stay healthy while buying your desirable products!

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